Wow, no more coin change will be handed out to customers at Kroger.  If this catches on with other retailers, how am I going to fill up my piggy bank?

Kroger says instead of giving back change in coins, it will either be applied to your loyalty card or you can sign up for the "Round Up" program which supports the company's Zero Hunger/Zero Waste Foundation.

Newsweek reports there is a coin shortage at the Federal Reserve due to COVID-19.  People are social distancing and would probably rather not touch coins or even money that's been passed around over and over. This is the reason Kroger has decided to temporarily stopping giving out coins as change.  My question is do we we really even need coins once things get back to normal?  Seems to me most people like myself mostly use a debit or credit card these days.

The Federal Reserve says it's going to start up normal circulation and making coins again once the economy opens up and things get back to (somewhat) normal.

I like throwing extra change in my coin bucket and having it add up to a few hundred dollars eventually, but I could probably live without coin change too.

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