I think we're getting close to teaching kids via computer program as another human proves that they're human and can't be trusted.

KWTX is reporting that the Lampasas ISD has canned a substitute teacher as police investigate allegations of inappropriate electronic ans social media communications with a student.

So I guess even if you don't get touchy feely, you also can't get verbal with your students as well.

The substitute, who us left unnamed, was let go Thursday after an internal investigation determined that the teacher violated school policy.

Chane Rascoe, Lampasas Superintendent, advised parents of middle and high school kids of the investigation in a letter, which he explained that district officials were notified of the allegations back on April 4th.


He wrote..."Lampasas ISD and the Lampasas Police Department began an immediate investigation and placed the substitute on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. Please know that all Lampasas ISD employees including substitute teachers are required to have a background check.. With regard to this individual, all background checks were cleared prior to the person starting as a substitute."

Rascoe said Friday he couldn't comment further because of the ongoing investigation.

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