If there's one thing Texas loves doing, it's dunking on California. Now we can add a a couple more points to the board, as Laredo has surpassed Los Angeles as the top trade port in the United States.

Ken Roberts with Forbes reports that Port Laredo did $20.09 billion in trade during the month of March (according to the latest Census Bureau numbers available), while LA's port did $19.66 billion.

Roberts points out that LA remains the top port year-to-date, but the current trade tensions with China have had a significant impact on almost every port in the U.S.

However, the vast majority of Laredo's trade is with one nation - Mexico. Both ports deal heavily with imports, with LA taking a hit as high-tech goods and apparel from China make up the bulk of its traffic

If the trend of decreasing trade with China and increased trade with our neighbors in Mexico continues, Laredo could easily retain that top spot in the second quarter of 2019.

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