Talk about embarrassing! While stopping by 'Chelsea Lately' last night (May 29), Lea Michele revealed one amazing (but pretty mortifying!) gem of a story.

Recalling the time that she and her fellow 'Glee' castmates performed at President Obama's 2013 inauguration, she revealed that she was so nervous beforehand that she asked her date -- BFF and fellow performer Jonathan Groff -- to help relax her nerves a little.

"He was my date and decided that the best thing to do right before I went on to sing for the president was make me laugh so hard that I peed my pants like everywhere," she told Handler, laughing. (Quotes via PEOPLE.)

And when asked if she had to change her underwear, the 'If You Say So' singer explained that she had to do much more than that.

"Oh, we had to change the bed," she recalled emphatically. Yikes!

And according to PEOPLE, Michele later took home a pretty fitting souvenir -- she swiped some presidential toilet paper because it had the official presidential seal on it. Hey, you never know when it will come in handy!

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