Lil Durk appears to be paying homage to a Chicago legend with a new song and video.

On Wednesday (Jan. 27), clips and photos from Lil Durk's new music video inspired by fellow Chi-town native Kanye West surfaced on the internet. In the videos and photos, Durk is seen impersonating Kanye's famous oversized boxy suit look from ’Ye's 2018 "I Love It" music video with Lil Pump as well as the visual for Yeezy's hit song "Runaway" from his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Immediately after clips from the video shoot began to circulate on Twitter, rumors began to fly that the song is called "Kanye Krazy." People on social media have also spelled the song title as "Kanye Crazy." And while Durk hasn't offered any real context surrounding the song title, he appears to be showing lauded rapper Kanye some love,

On what appears to be a snippet of the song that is making its rounds on the ’net as well, Durk raps over a piano-heavy beat. "You ain’t got thе answers Sway/I be claimin' I’m the realest like any other day/Feds got and went a camera inside this Cartier/Try not to bring up shit you did, you gotta concentrate/They don't think ’bout handcuffs no more, they tryna kill me/I won't put my trust in you no more, you gotta feel me/Bringin’ all my K's, I had to seal it/Kanye crazy but this the real."

Lil Durk confirmed via Twitter this afternoon that the song will appear on The Voice Deluxe album, which is slated to be released this Friday (Jan. 29). In the tweet, you can also see Durk wearing the chunky suit from the "I Love It" video with a large Only the Family (OTF) chain. He's standing beside video director Cole Bennett on the set of the video shoot, which suggests that Bennett likely directed the visual.

It's unclear what role—if any—the Jesus Is King rapper had on Durkio's recreation of some of Kanye's most notable moments in hip-hop, but Yeezy is sure to love it. Durk isn't the first rhymer to give Kanye his just due in recent months. Rappers like Trippie Redd, Logic and Westside Gunn showed their support for Kanye while he fired off over 100 pages of his recording contract with Universal Music Group in September of 2020.

Lil Baby also flew out to link up with ’Ye during the pandemic while Kanye has been out in Wyoming. The two reportedly have a track together, but it isn't confirmed when that'll drop.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Lil Durk for a comment on his new track.

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