Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are not the only female rappers linking up and dropping heat!

Queens from all over have been uniting to create dope movements but this duo may actually create history.

I'm talking Lil Kim and Remy Ma!
A few months ago pictures of these two in the studio appeared on social media and fans were speculating that the two were working on something big.

As if the studio pictures weren't enough, today we were blessed with more pictures but this time the duo was in a different setting.

Check it out...


Will the link up be worth it 👀 #LilKim #RemyMa #Bosses #Imhereforthis #bossladyradio #bosslady #myb106 #ctx

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I'm thinking a mixtape or magazine cover could be in the works!

Only time will tell if I am right but in the meantime congrats to Remy Ma for inking a new deal with Columbia Records.


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