Lil Wayne was a no-show in court on Monday (Oct. 29) for his infringement case against producer Quincy Jones III (QDIII) due to his medical scares this past week.

The judge wasn't thrilled about it and reprimanded Weezy for failing to appear, reports TMZ.

In his absence, Wayne's attorney told the judge that he will play the rapper's hilarious deposition video to the jury. If you recall, this is the clip in which the Young Money honcho was suffering from acute memory loss and refused to answer questions from QDIII's attorney Pete Ross. "He can't save you," is one of the many memorable quotes from the video. We are quite sure the jury had a good laugh watching it.

But the judge wasn't laughing, and instead he admonished Wayne for exhibiting "unreasonable conduct in the deposition" and "irresponsible behavior." It's unclear if the 30-year-old rapper will ever make an appearance in this case. Wayne is suing QDIII over allegations that the producer used his music without his permission for an unauthorized 2009 documentary called 'The Carter.'

Lil Wayne is currently resting in Louisiana after being hospitalized twice within the past five days for migraines and dehydration, according to his rep. Weezy went on Twitter to tell fans he's doing well. “Thanx for all the prayers! I am good," he tweeted.

Watch Lil Wayne's Bizarre Video Deposition

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