Lil Wayne is already back in the studio after suffering seizures over Labor Day weekend that left him hospitalized in Chicago. He was reportedly released from the hospital on Tuesday.

The news that Wayne is already back at work isn't that surprising. Just yesterday, the rapper's manager, Cortez Bryant, said that Wayne wasn't going to slow down anytime soon, in spite of his recent hospital stay. Wayne has epilepsy, so seizures are a medical condition he's been dealing with for most of his life, and will likely continue to deal with.

“He a workaholic thats what got him to where his is now man.” Bryant told TMZ. “He’s epileptic thats the reality of it. So it’s something we know we’ll have to deal with the rest of his life.” He continued, “He’s an epileptic. It’s a disease he has to deal with. It might not be the last time we see Lil Wayne have a seizure.”

The thing is, doctors reportedly told Wayne he needed to take it easy for about two weeks following his seizures, but Wayne was spotted in the studio with Portland Trail Blazers point guard and part-time rapper Damian Lillard and producer Scott Storch yesterday, which isn't exactly "resting." Wayne and Lillard have worked together for a few years now, although the song they recorded for Damian's album, The Letter O, had to be removed due to Wayne's ongoing dispute with Cash Money Records.

Scott Storch also posted a photo of him in the studio, saying Wayne is back in Miami and "he's healthy." While it's great to see Wayne back and smiling, let's hope he at least took a nap during the session.

Take a look at the photos below.

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