A woman in Central Texas is hoping to find her mother's wedding rings after they went missing following her mother's death at Baylor Scott & White.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Jessica Cruz, the daughter of Anita Deleon, is searching for her mother's missing wedding rings, which were last seen on Deeon's hand.

Anita was a recent victim of COVID-19 and was hospitalized at Baylor Scott and White in late July. Unfortunately She did not survive the virus, and her daughter, Jessica, was given a bag with her personal belongings after she passed away.

Inside the bag, Jessica found a few items of jewelry, but was not able to locate her mother's weddings rings. Jessica said she knows that her mother was wearing the rings at the time of her admittance into the hospital, and is hoping that a good Samaritan will turn in the rings.

Jessica has contacted BS&W about the missing rings, but so far they have not been found or returned. Currently the family is searching for a photo to help aid in finding the rings. Anita's husband still possesses the receipt for the wedding rings, which he bought in 1996.

Have you ever lost, or misplaced an important family heirloom?

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