If you caught last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you witnessed Joseline Hernandez and Jessica Dime finally come face-to-face and things didn't get any better when the two actually started talking.

From the moment each of them opened their mouth, Joseline and Jessica started having a screaming match that turned into the two starting to make it rain in the recording studio. Things turned from bad to worse when Joseline threw a drink at Jessica. The latter, sporting a cotton candy-colored coif reacted by hitting Joseline with her purse. Before it could turn into an all-out brawl, producers and security got involved and Jessica was kicked out.

After the argument, Stevie J tries to calm his Puerto Rican princess down by telling her some big news. Not only has he been contacted by Diddy to work with Bad Boy Records again, but he's also been asked by some investors in Los Angeles about doing a movie. Stevie would direct a film titled That Time of the Month, as well as star in it with Joseline.

While she's a little worried about what this "romantic comedy" is going to be about, she's ecstatic about heading to L.A. and having the two of them take their careers to the next level. Following the announcement, we then see Stevie and Joseline in a boardroom with investors discussing the new project. And after Stevie signs, it looks like these two are set to move to L.A. So does this mean that they'll be saying good by to the ATL series and join the Hollywood one? Of course we don't get that answer yet. It's obviously part of the storyline.

While Jessica's run-in with Joseline was pretty bad, she shakes it off and is more worried about her work with Mimi Faust, whom she feels hasn't been much of a manager aside from the bombed meeting with Jazze Pha. And let's not forget the fact that Dawn Heflin is trying manage Jessica herself. So she blows off some steam with Karlie Redd and Margeaux Simms at a local ATL open mic and performs her track, "Disrespectful."

Unfortunately, as is the case with these women, one can't get shine without another one wanting the spotlight too. Margeaux, who's also a singer-songwriter, gets on the mic to sing her original song, "Start a War." Now with all of the drama these two women have been going through and Karlie hearing all about it, she comes up with a brilliant idea -- sign both Jessica and Margeaux to her new record label. Yes, you heard that right. Karlie has started her own record label. And while we don't know too much about it now, we're sure she'll be spilling the tea on this next week.

With what looks like a new business partnership between Jessica and Karlie as well as Dawn's proposition to manage the singer, Mimi has another thing to take care of. So she meets up with Jessica to apologize and smooth things over. And by the end of the conversation, Jessica gives her another chance. Then Mimi meets up with Dawn to tell her to step away from trying to manage Jessica. However, like most things on this show, discussions are hardly civil and their chat turns into a verbal boxing match.

Two weeks ago, Ashley Nicole apologized to Rasheeda Frost for her behavior. However, Ashley makes sure we know that she's doing everything she can not to get cut from D-Lo Entertainment. So this week, Rasheeda, along with Erica Dixon (we haven't seen her for a minute) come to the club to see the new artist. From her skin-tight, lace outfit to her lip-syncing, Rasheeda and Erica are hardly impressed and don't shy away from telling Ashley when she checked in on them after her performance.

Although things seemed to be getting better between Ashley and Rasheeda, the singer drops a bomb and says Kirk Frost will be taking her out on another promo tour. His wife is completely clueless of this news, which only means a fight is about to go down. Rasheeda confronts Kirk about this trip, but he claims that he just came up with the idea right before Ashley performed. Rasheeda has to trust her husband and hope that this will make her new artist better for D-Lo Entertainment.

Rasheeda and Erica chat and she explains that if she finds out that her husband is creeping around with Ashley, she's filing for divorce. Unfortunately, the episode ends with a shocker; Rasheeda's fears may actually be reality. When she tries to check up on her husband by calling his hotel room, Ashley answers giggling. So she drops the kids off at her mom's home, picks up Erica and heads on a road trip to the hotel. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Rasheeda and Erica banging on Kirk's door and Ashley clearly inside asking who it is.

Does this mean the end of Kirk and Rasheeda Frost for good? You'll have to wait and find out next week.

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