Love & Hip Hop Atlanta isn't always about drama. Instead of bringing us into the middle of a brawl to kick off this week's episode, we get to see a happier side of love with a nice surprise from Kirk Frost.

Although past episodes have centered on money issues between Kirk and Rasheeda -- an expensive home and a new office don't help -- Mr. D-Lo Entertainment made his wife a lot happier after surprising her with her own store space in the best mall in Atlanta. While she's ecstatic about it, Rasheeda warns Kirk that she needs a lot of money to fill the space and throw a huge grand opening. He tells her not to worry about the budget and just to make it look fly.

Meanwhile, things aren't so positive in Momma Dee's family at the moment. After surprising all the important women in her life with news of her upcoming nuptials to Ernest Bryant in last week's episode, Jasmine made sure to tell Scrappy what's going down. We thought that he and Erica were on good terms due to Emani's birthday party, but those ideas went down the drain when he revealed that the child support issues aren't going well. That means he definitely wasn't pleased when his little sis Jasmine tells him that not only is Momma Dee getting married but both Erica Dixon and Bambi are bridesmaids in the wedding. All the news means one thing: Scrappy needs to confront Momma Dee.

First, he stops by Bambi's hair shop to discuss the wedding with her. While she isn't too happy with Erica also taking part in the big day, she still provides some shimmer extension looks for Dee, who's stopping by the shop. However, once Bambi and Scrappy get to talking about what went down at the bridal salon, Scrappy is fuming. Not only is his mom re-marrying her ex-husband but she still hasn't told him. So when Momma Dee shows up, he goes off on her. Momma Dee just wants to get her family back together again and also have Emani as her junior bridesmaid, but Scrappy threatens that he won't even show up to the wedding if Erica is there on the bride's side. Now Momma Dee has some fixing to do if she wants Scrappy to walk her down the aisle.

On Joseline Hernandez's road to make it on her own as an artist, she meets with the execs of Gayborhood, an event for the LGBT community in Atlanta, to talk about her performance. The organization is happy with Joseline's enthusiasm about the event and she even exposes a vulnerable side of herself during the discussion. Since she identifies as bisexual, Joseline recalls the moment she had to tell her family about it. Normally we see her as a tough chick, but this is one of the few times she genuinely breaks down and cries. And seeing the emotion and heart coming from Joseline wins over the organizers.

Kalenna Harper has also been going through her own emotional roller coaster when we find out in this episode that she's been officially diagnosed with postpartum depression. With her hubby Tony by her side, Kalenna explains that she doesn't want to have to choose between her career and her child and also doesn't want to end up like the moms she sees on the news who've lost their sons. Music is her way of trying to get through her issues, and Tony realizes that he needs to really be there for his wife and promises to do so.

Since Margeaux Simms and Jessica Dime talked about collaborating on a remixed version of Margeaux's "Start a War," the two whip up something even more vicious this week. After venting to Margeaux about her fight with Tiffany Foxx at the club, Jessica says she's done with Mimi Faust, especially since Mimi was talking to Tiffany behind Jessica's back. While she's ready to burn the contract to the ground, Mimi books Jessica for a show. So she'll hold off on ripping up that paper for now, but she and Margeaux are going to do a surprise performance that night. And they know this will eat at Mimi for a long time.

Meanwhile, Kirk, Stevie J, Scrappy and Tony have some guy time and go fishing. But this isn't just a time to relax; Stevie needs to tell the guys he's moving to Los Angeles. Plus, it's a place for the guys to have some real talk and catch up. And while everyone has their own things to deal with, Stevie gets a bomb dropped on him when he finds out that Joseline lied and used her husband's connections to get into the studio. So he's got a lot to talk about with Joseline when he gets home. When the two sit down to chat, she spins it to look like it's his fault that she had to go outside their working relationship because he chose to work with Tiffany. While this could have turned ugly, Joseline tells him about Gayborhood and wants Stevie to be there. It's clear that Stevie is on the fence about that request.

Erica has her own little catchup session with Rasheeda where she reveals Kirk's surprise. She's excited to get all the goods ready to send to the storefront. However, Erica has some bad news to discuss and it all starts with Momma Dee's wedding. By the end of their conversation, Erica is having seconds thoughts about being a bridesmaid. So when she sits down to talk to Momma Dee, she finds out about Scrappy not coming to the wedding if Erica is a bridesmaid. So she does the honorable thing by stepping down from that duty, but we all know she was more than happy to do so. However, Erica does wish that Scrappy would grow up and just be there for his mom. And even though she's no longer a bridesmaid, Dee still isn't sure if Jasmine and Scrappy will show up to the ceremony. And if they don't, she doesn't know if the wedding will happen.

With her remix with Margeaux in the works, Jessica meets up with Karlie Redd to tell her what's going down. And while Karlie is all about the tea, she isn't willing to spill it. A killer verse is promised by Dime at this performance, so it looks like there will really be a war between Mimi and Jessica. And the moment Jessica brings Margeaux out, it's clear that Mimi is done with this working relationship.

There's more than a few burned bridges in this episode. So be sure to come back next week to find out the new fires that get started and which ones get put out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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