6ix9ine has just been involved in a confrontation that ended with a man being punched in the face.

On Tuesday evening (Jan. 19), footage of a man who appears to confront 6ix9ine at a paintball park surfaced on the internet. In the clip, the man calls 6ix9ine, whose rainbow hair is now brown, a rat. In the next clip, the man gets punched by someone who appears to be a member of Tekashi's crew. For his part, 6ix9ine isn't filmed saying anything. You can watch at the bottom of this post.

Miami-based reporter Andy Slater reported that a senior law enforcement official said Miami police were investigating 6ix9ine for being in a "possible strong-armed robbery." In a subsequent tweet, Slater said the incident took place at a Miami paintball shooting range and that police sources determined that the man accusing 6ix9ine of a crime made up most of the story. 6ix9ine was reportedly cleared of any wrongdoing.

"SLATER SCOOP: Rapper Tekashi69 is under investigation by Miami police after being involved in a possible strong-armed robbery, a senior law enforcement official tells me. The incident happened within the past hour," Slater tweeted.

"UPDATE: After an investigation, the alleged victim made up most of his story, police sources tell me. The incident, which did involve Tekashi69, took place at a paintball shooting range in Miami. The rapper has been cleared of any wrongdoing," Slater added as an update on Twitter.

This report represents the first time that news has included 6ix9ine possibly faced any additional law enforcement scrutiny since he was let off house arrest back in August of 2020. The rapper, who was sentenced to two years in prison in December of 2019, after he cut a deal with the federal government, pled guilty to federal racketeering charges and testified against his former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates, was released from prison and put on home confinement after being granted compassionate release by a judge last April. He was granted the release into house arrest because it was determined that his asthma would be exacerbated if he were to contract the coronavirus.

XXL has reached out to the Miami Police Department and reps for 6ix9ine for comment.

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