Have some fun at Mayborn Science Theatre this weekend.

These day's it's extremely hard to find something fun to do with the kiddos on the weekend. If you are looking to enjoy sometime outside of the house visit Mayborn Science Theatre this Saturday for a day of showings.

The list of showings include:

11 am; The Little Star That Could

12 pm: Dinosaur Passage To Pangaea

1:30 pm: Flying Monsters

2:30 pm: Season Of Light

4 pm: Cosmic Castaways

5 pm: Mars 1001

The first showing will begin at 11 am and the last will begin at 5 pm.

For those who plan on attending you must purchase tickets before the showing. Seating is limited to 30 people and strict social distancing will be enforced.

For more details visit Mayborn Science Theatre

mayborn science theater

For more details visit Mayborn Science Theatre

6200 W Central Texas Expy., Building 152 Killeen, TX 76540


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