David Berry, a 29-year-old Missouri man, was recently a part of one of the biggest poaching cases in that state's history.

FOX News reports that the group included Berry's brother and his father. Their list of violations is disgusting. They broke countless hunting laws including hunting out of season, using illegal weapons, and using the lights that temporarily blind deer at night so they stand still for a cheap, easy kill.

The poachers would kill deer from the roadside and, in many cases, would take the head of the animal and leave the body to rot. These violations make many responsible hunters angry, as they should.

As reported by the Washington Post, the judge in Berry's case is hoping to teach him a little something about empathy.

Berry will need to watch the movie "Bambi" at least once a month during his year in jail.

There still is no word if he will have to watch "Dumbo" as well.

Berry will be faced with a serious challenge during his time behind bars. He will need to learn to hide the tears from his cellmates after watching one of the saddest movies ever. Most of us have seen "Bambi", we know that it's a tear-jerker. If Berry isn't completely heartless, the movie is sure to make him at least think seriously about the harm he's inflicted and the bad reputation he's given responsible hunters.


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