If you had to survive 46 days drinking only one Texas beer, which would it be?

Most people find something to give up for lent, generally it isn't solid food. Fox News reports Del Hal of Cincinnati, Ohio, decided he would just stick to craft beer for lent and ended up shredding 44 pounds.

Hal committed to just drinking craft beer and says his entire physical condition has improved after the 46-day run. "My health is so much better. My blood pressure. My cholesterol. Everything has improved over what I was eating before with the standard American diet. Craft beer is the way to go."

Hal isn't the first one to try such an experiment. Back in the 1600's catholic monks used to brew what they called 'liquid bread' to get them through a fast. The Catholic News Agency says it was Paulaner monks who traveled from Southern Italy to the Cloister Neudeck ob der Au in Bavaria when they made the brew.

Paulaner Brewery Martin Zuber tells this story on their website. He says the monks made an unusually strong brew full of carbs and nutrients because the liquid bread would not violate the terms of their fasting.

So beer fasting may not be something new but it has worked out well for some folks who have tried it over the last 400 years or so.

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