Graduation season is around the corner is your child prepared?

If your child is anything like I was 10 years ago then this is good news for your pockets and their education.

I am a proud alumnus of an HBCU (Historical Black College/ University) and since 2009 I've been an advocate of pushing children to attend an illustrious university. With over 300 options the application process and fees may be overwhelming

I remember being so overwhelmed that I only applied to two colleges but luckily for you things are changing. is making things a lot easier.

Prospective students now have the opportunity to apply to a select list of HBCU's with one application fee of $35!

The list includes my alma mater Kentucky State University, Miles College, Norfolk State University, Alabama State University, Bethune- Cookman University, Dillard University and more.

Check out the list of the 53 HBCU's below.



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