Copperas Cove ISD is preparing for the upcoming school year with a big announcement: They'll continue to provide free meals for kids in the district.

According to KWTX, Copperas Cove ISD announced Tuesday that they have plans to provide free lunch to their students next school year. Since March of 2020, the school district has been providing free breakfast and lunch to students, but now with the approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture the service will continue.

Melissa Bryan, Director of Child Nutrition for Copperas Cove ISD, said "I felt that it was vital for our community and our district opt in and utilize the waiver. I witnessed firsthand the meals that we gave out to the community and the need that many families face with basic food needs.”

The district has been really looking out for their students. Their summer program has given out 3,794 breakfasts and 5,558 lunches to students.

I'm excited to see what this school year brings for Copperas Cove ISD and their students.


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