"It's getting hot in herrrrrre!" Chart topping, Grammy winning rapper Nelly is headed back to Waco, TX, and it's about to be real.

Sunday, Nov 21st, Nelly will be performing at The Backyard Stage, Bar and Grill located at 511 South 8th Street in Downtown Waco.

Nelly is known for rocking the bandanas, band aides, and white Air Force Ones. He took the world by storm in the early 2000's along with his group the St. Lunatics. He had hits for days and was always a ladies favorite.

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By the way, even though he's known for promoting St. Louis and putting its hip-hop culture on the map, did you know Nelly was born right here in Texas? Yeah! He was born in Austin.

When Nelly dropped Country Grammar in 2000, the East and West Coast rap scenes dominated the airwaves and hip-hop culture. Nelly put the Midwest in the spotlight, while rappers here in his birthplace of Texas were rising to prominence as well.

Country Grammar ended up being a massive success, and that reputation propelled the follow-up album, Nellyville, straight to #1 when it was released.

Check out a few of my favorite Nelly Songs below. Did your favorite make the list? If not, sound off and let me know!

Nelly- Hot In Here

Nelly- E.I.

Nelly- Grillz

Nelly- Country Grammar

Nelly- Pimp Juice

Nelly ft Kyjuan, Ali, Murphy Lee- Air Force Ones

Nelly ft Kelly Rowland- Dillemma

Took you down memory lane, right?

Nelly has always been known to put on a bomb show, so I'm sure this upcoming performance will be no different. For more details regarding the show and to purchase tickets, check out this story from Toni Gee.

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