Amanda Roman had no idea that a trip to Miami would end in a proposal and her dream wedding all in the same day! Let's just say her man wins husband of the year!

Surprise Wedding
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Oh. My. Gosh. This is the most adorable story I've ever seen! Ryan Leak, a 27 year old from Dallas, said he knew from the first time he saw Amanda Roman singing in his church that she would be his wife. Exactly 5 years after their first date, Ryan not only proposed to his girlfriend, he asked her to marry him that day!

Ryan said he got the idea when he heard his girlfriend tell a friend that her dream was to get engaged and married the same day. For two years he planned their wedding, drawing all his inspiration from Amanda's Pinterest board. When the special day finally came, Ryan told Amanda he loved her for the first time, and asked her to be his wife. (With a legit diamond btw.) He then followed up with the even bigger surprise. If she was on board, they were getting married that day!

Ryan took care of everything, from inviting all the family and friends, to even flying down Amanda's favorite makeup artist and hairstylist to get her ready for the big day. The even cooler part? He hired a cinematographer to document the entire day. When I saw the video was 30 minutes, I thought I'd just watch the first part of it, but I became completely entranced and watched the entire video with a huge grin on my face. This is the most precious, thoughtful act of love, and it's obvious the couple has a wonderful future together in store. Check out the video below!

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