Thousand march with Baylor student pushed and called the 'n-word' by a stranger, who wanted to make America great again! Have you experienced more racism since Trump won the election?

Credit: KCEN

There seems to be a rise in blatant racist acts since Trump has become president. It seems as though some of his supporters take his win a s license to be racist, even violent, in an effort to "make America great again." A Baylor student, Natasha Nkhama, says she was pushed off a sidewalk by a stranger, who also called her the "n-word" and said he wanted to make America great again, according to KCEN! Many students, faculty and staff at Baylor marched on Friday as a part of #IwalkwithNatasha and #IwalkwithTasha march. The University released a statement about he incident, "The behavior is deeply disturbing and does not reflect in any way Baylor's faith or values. We wholeheartedly condemn the behavior. We have connected with the student and are working with her to ensure she feels safe and supported by the Baylor community." The interim president Dr. David Garland participated in the march!

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