Thanksgiving, one of the most anticipated holiday's of the year!

These days Thanksgiving has so many different meanings!

For some people Thanksgiving is a time to gather around a pleather of food and spend quality time with family members and for others it's a time to reflect on the many blessings that you may have.

Every year I start the week preparing my stomach for all of the food that I know my family will prepare but this year I started my holiday differently.

I spent one of the last days of the Boss Project "25 Days Of Kindness," with people who truly care about others.

So today I dedicate my Thanksgiving post to everyone who participated in the Marlboro Heights 5th Annual Thanksgiving Feast. For the 5th year in a row Marsheree Jasper, Anthony Jasper and Kim Taylor have orchestrated a Thanksgiving feast for the community. This event allowed the local residents to enjoy a hot meal, endless desserts and beverages.

When I tell you they had EVERYTHING, Green beans, potatoes, tomatoes...YOU NAME IT! (I had to lol)

As you can tell from the pictures and videos this years event was a success!

Thank you to everyone who was involved for being selfless and making a difference in our community. You guys really made my holiday!

Happy Holiday's!