Marvin Gaye's sisters are extremely upset because Marvin's ex-wife has cut them out of the $7.3 million settlement that was won in their suit against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for the hit song "Blurred Lines."

The Daily Mail reports that Marvin Gaye's sister Zeola, 69, says that she and sister Jeanne, 78, are living modestly in apartments in Las Vegas. She says that Marvin's ex-wife, Jan Gaye, has no plans of sharing any of the money, possibly because of Zeola's 2011 tell-all, "My Brother Marvin."

Zeola told the Daily Mail that when Marvin was gunned down by his father in 1984, he hadn't left a will. She explained that Jan controls the estate and that's why the sisters are not getting anything.

Zeola, who sang on the song "Got To Give It Up," said, "The bottom line is that they get everything and we don't get a dime. We try and live with that, but it is difficult."

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