Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's marriage may be long over, but their child custody battle persisted during a Thursday (February 16) run-in in Malibu, California that reportedly resulted in police being summoned to the scene.

TMZ claims that both Thicke and Patton had met at a Malibu park so that Patton could place their son Julian in the care of the court-appointed monitor set to be present during Julian's visit with Thicke that day. Because Patton won a temporary restraining order against Thicke on January 27, the "Blurred Lines" singer was to keep his distance from his ex-wife, and sources "connected with" the two disagree on whether Thicke did maintain that legally mandated space. Also in dispute is whether Patton arrived on time or an hour late, and whether Julian even wanted to go on this visit with his father and the court appointed-monitor.

The parties' versions of events get even more divided from there, with one side telling TMZ that Patton's team called the police, but that Paula and Julian left the scene before they arrived. Thicke's sources then claimed that a car resembling Patton's got into an accident after her departure, whereupon Thicke allegedly "freaked" and subsequently left to investigate whether it was indeed her SUV. Meanwhile, TMZ's "Paula sources" say she was not in an accident at all.

In the statement to the court that resulted in the temporary restraining order against Thicke, Patton alleged that the singer had been physically and emotionally abusive during their marriage, been unfaithful, and engaged in drug and alcohol abuse, the L.A. Times reported. In earlier legal documents, Patton also claimed Julian had complained of Thicke's harsh spankings. Meanwhile, Thicke's legal team denies the allegations of abuse and argued that Patton holds "residual anger" toward Thicke, aggravated by the fact that the Thicke family "would not permit her or her family" to attend her late father-in-law Alan Thicke's funeral.

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