Love and basketball is a touchy thing. It's really a touchy thing for Matt Barnes. He is so upset right now over the fact that his baby mama is dating Derek Fisher, that he drove 95 miles just to beat the man up.

So if you followed reality show 'Love & Basketball,' then you know all about Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan's relationship. She is Matt's estranged wife and Matt is not taking the news that Derek is wooing his ex-boo. Matt got wind of this at training camp for the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday.

See, what happened was, Matt's twin sons, who are only 6 years old, called him and said that Derek was at the house, which is the same house Matt shared with Gloria. They say Matt went crazy, got in his car and drove 95 miles to beat the hell out of Derek.

Matt says he was so upset behind it all because he and Derek were teammates in L.A. for two seasons and he confided in him about a lot of personal issues. Now the NBA is investigating the whole thing. Gloria is filing a restraining order, Fisher doesn't want to press charges and meanwhile Matt is texting his homies, "I kicked his ass from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face."

LAWRD have mercy. Get rid of your ex before you move on to the next. Everyone involved is STILL married. Matt and Gloria filed for divorce and he was all over twitter talking about he was dating Rihanna. Derek Fisher's wife of 10 years, says she was blindsided with divorce papers a day after their 10 year anniversary in March. Word is Gloria and Derek became an item on September 27. Get the divorces and then move on people.

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