McDonald's is making big changes with their happy meal!

Oooop, I don't think the kids will be happy about with this new move. According to KWTX, McDonald's plans to drastically reduce the plastic in their 'happy meals' by 2025.

The fast food chain has admitted to working with toy companies to develop new ideas that will provide kids a source of entertainment. With plans to make three-dimensional cardboard superheroes or board games with plant-based or recycled game pieces McDonald's is ready for the change.

What will happen to the plastic toys they usually provide?

As they push to implement the change the food chain will use the recycled plastic toys to make new restaurant trays.

Geeeshh, from medium size fries to apples, from plastic toys to cardboard puzzles; what other big change should we expect from McDonald's? At this point the happy meal is starting to look not so happy.


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