I have a new hero.

Drake Lawson from our news partners KWTX introduced us to Jane McFarland of Parkview Christian Academy who has been teaching piano and choir for around 70 years.

The 96-year-old has taught all over the country and has been in Central Texas for the past 50 years after she moved to Waco to live close to her sons that went to Baylor.

"I feel physically like I’m in my forties"

-Jane McFarland

Parkview administrator Amy Landers claims that Jane has not missed a day in the past six years - the only faculty member to do so at the private school.

McFarland credits her health to walking, weight watchers meals, and her faith in Jesus Christ. She doesn't take any medication - not even an Aspirin for pain. Old fashioned methods for longevity and happiness. Kids, maybe something to think about.

I'm of the opinion that being around and having a passion for music has also contributed to health and joy for life.

Jane's story sure puts a smile on my face. A good reminder of how to find happiness in this world, find something you love, help others, and work hard. Gosh it's simple, so let's not forget it.


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