So I came across this video on my Facebook news feed and found myself laughing hysterically at the woman in this video. I also noticed that the subtitles were in a language that I can not read or speak, and I thought wow, this is not just a problem in the United States. After pulling myself together, I came to the realization that this is really sad.

I have always set standards for myself as a female because I was taught people will only treat you the way you allow them to. There has always been a standard for the guys that I date/marry and even the friend girls that I allow in my circle. I have been prejudice with this, I must admit. There was never a financial standard on my girlfriends, but a guy attempting to court me, had to have good credit and a nice bank account. Like TLC sings, "No Scrubs!"

As I have grown and gotten older my views have changed ... just a little bit. So now I have financial standards for my female friends as well. 'No Scrubs', right? The one thing that I don't recall doing was judge someone by their profession. Working at McDonald's is not a bad thing, if you are working toward being a manager, general manager or owner. If you started on fries when we were juniors in high school and you are still on fries and now we are almost 40, that's a problem for me. Just my opinion.

This video is interesting to me because she never gave the guy a chance. She never listened to what he had to say or even took the time to find out his name. Funny that she is interested in this carpenter, which I believe is a very honorable job/career field, until he almost kills her with his BMW. To me he seems like a hardworking man, it appears that he has the finances because he dropped a couple thousand just to take her on a date.

So watch the video and share your thoughts, do you think that money changes everything when it comes to love and relationships?

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