Hurricane Laura has caused thousands of mosquitoes to be pushed out of the southwest Louisiana marshes and is causing a lot of issues with livestock and "widespread" cattle deaths.

According to the LSU AgCenter, the mosquito population in the southwest part of the state exploded after the storm.

According to KCEN TV, a veterinarian in Evangeline Parish told the AgCenter livestock mortality has been widespread. According to Dr. Craig Fontenot, one cattle producer lost 20 head while a penned deer operation lost 13 of 100 deer.

The AgCenter also says several bulls have died due to mosquitoes, and ranchers are losing four or five head of cattle.

The swarms of mosquitoes have seemed to depart recently, but they have left issues with some cows now having spontaneous abortions from stress.

Airplanes are being used to spray the mosquitoes, as well as farmers spraying their herds to give the cattle some relief.

Not exactly sure where the mosquitoes are headed, but hopefully not anywhere around Central Texas.

Texas A&M's Agrilife Research website has a ton of information about how mosquitoes can negatively impact ranchers' herds, as well as tips on things you can try to keep them away.

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