The Texas Workforce Commission has announced an end to the additional $300 weekly benefit for unemployed Texans. The additional money was part of a executive order President Trump issued to help out of work Americans after the $600 weekly benefit ended in late July.

The funds were coming from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), and they notified TWC on Wednesday that the additional funds would stop with the last week being the week that ended on September 5th.

So what's next? At the moment it's not clear if more federal funding is on the way or not. According to The Washington Post, more executive actions are being considered by White House officials.

According to KBTX, nearly 3.4 million Texans have applied for unemployment benefits since March.

Many Texans are still waiting for their former jobs to return, while other unemployed people are still searching for their next job opportunity.

While many wait to see what happens with unemployment funding, Congress is also expected to vote on a second stimulus package any day now.

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