A few days ago, it was reported that a man by the name of Kyle Green was suing Travis Scott after the rapper allegedly incited the crowd to behave in a way that led to a very serious set of injuries at one of his concerts this past spring. It turns out, the man's mother doesn't hold Scott responsible.

According to TMZ, Green's mother says Scott isn't to blame for the incident, which has apparently led the fan to be confined to a wheelchair while dealing with partial paralysis. Green claims he was pushed off a balcony by fans acting in the crazy manner Scott allegedly requested them to, and that Scott and his onstage entourage ignored his suffering and casually left him on the stage in front of the rapper.

In an email the mother sent to Scott, which was obtained by the celebrity gossip site, she assures the rapper that Green "does not hold either of you accountable for what happened to him, and he will not take any legal action against either of you." Later on in the email, she says that she "would never punish someone who was trying to help my son. Kyle has said that he will never forget your kindness and encouragement during that terrifying time."

Scott's manager allegedly visited Green while he was in the hospital for his injuries, which allegedly included a fractured back, fractured right ankle and a broken left wrist. For his part, Scott FaceTimed Green during his hospital stay.

In a video of the incident, we don't hear Scott barking the quasi-instructions Green says he did. Then again, those bits might have happened just outside of the clip TMZ provides. Scott was arrested for inciting a riot at an Arkansas show this past spring.

Check out the video of the incident below.

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