I just celebrated three years of being on B106 on air and as a program director of both B106 and MYKISS1031, and I have to say that these 3 years have been great!!!

First of all, I’ve never stepped foot in the state of Texas before I moved here,  all of my interviews to get this job was strictly over the phone.

Having said that, I have become accustomed to brisket, potato salad, sausage, iced tea, hot weather, seeing dead deer on the side of the road, seeing at least 20 cows on the way home, HEB, shag hairstyles, expressways competing with skyscrapers, deep southern accents, Country music, boots, and driving to Austin for everything! LOL

Although it's a lot of work behind the scenes I have to do for 2 stations, on the air you can tell that sometimes I don’t take this serious lol!

As long as I am able to play a song to make someone feel good or make someone laugh then I have done my job.

I get paid to play music and talk crap and mess with people (during Trey's Trivia every day) Thank you all for listening and making B106 the number one hip-hop station in Central Texas!


I keep joking with my friends in Chicago saying I’m never coming back!

Me and Michael Vick at Shoemaker High School in Killeen earlier this year it was cold out and that's a real tear that fell on on my nose lol...

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