Last month, it seemed as though things were finally resolved between Nas and Kelis, who have been engaged in a custody battle over their eight-year-old son, Knight, for years.

Well, now The Blast reports that things are still not resolved between the two, as indicated in court documents submitted by Nas. The rapper says he showed up at Kelis' house to pick up his son but she became "irate."

“When I arrived at Kelis’s house,” Nas said in the docs, “she immediately began screaming at me, telling me that I could not take our son. She was so irate I did not know what to do.”

Kelis apparently wanted Knight for the Passover holiday, though no previous arrangements had been made, according to Nas. Nas claims if she'd told him, they could've made some kind of agreement.

Nas also says that Kelis looks at the court orders as simply a "guideline" for their custody arrangement.

“The agreement we both agreed on is a guideline nothing more," Kelis said in a text exchange with Nas, according to court documents. "You said and I quote ‘we can make it whatever we need and talk about it I just want something on paper’ end quote.”

Nas says he'll take her to court later in the text and Kelis responds, "Take me dummy. Take me. Have you not seen I’m not afraid of you anymore!!! … I will not be intimidated by you and we are going to court anyway.”

The rapper also claims Kelis has kept him from picking up their son at school but he didn't make a huge issue out of it because he doesn't want a confrontation with Kelis at their son's school.

Nas is seeking an order to enforce their agreement and to "sanction Kelis for her actions."


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