When you have Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday you can count on package deliveries going through the roof. The porch thieves know this and are often out in full force the week of Cyber Monday.

So, somebody thought of naming November, 28th, National Package Protection Day. While this pretty much exists in name only, much like the holiday season, it's the thought that counts.

Giving a plate of cookies or the traditional fruit cake to your neighbors can help with the spirit of the season and can also earn you an extra set of trusted eyes watching out for deliveries arriving on your front porch. Authorities recommend you watch out for online retailers that say your online order will arrive in the original packaging. This means that your flat screen tv is gonna show up and everyone will be able to see it's a flat screen tv sitting at your door.

Opting for online tracking is a great way to find out exactly when your item will show up this week. Some orders have text or email alerts available when an order is delivered so that you can swing by the house and make sure your item is safe and sound. Another name for all of this is "Informed Delivery" offered by the U.S. Postal Service. This service comes with the option to tell the carrier you wish to have the item delivered to the back porch or back door.

Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez told KWTX News 10, "If you're going to be home after five, see if that package can be delivered after hours. Get with a neighbor or friend or family member to be there if you're not going to be available. Coordinate with someone to be there when the package is delivered. If not, see if you can require a signature for the package."

Another option is having your purchases delivered to your office during business hours. My own experience is that your best bet is FedEx. Anyone else out there ever have a package get "lost in the mail" during the holiday season? Then a carrier explains that "I'm not the normal driver for this route and have no idea where your package is". While many carriers do an excellent job, I'm not willing to put up with excuses when I buy something online.

FedEx allows for the redirect of packages where you can arrange for pickup at one of their many offices or at many Walgreens locations.

Here's to a great holiday season to all. We hope your online shopping experience is an excellent one. Another option is to take advantage of the Amazon lockers that have become pretty reliable over the last year or so. More info can be found on Centex Amazon lockers using the button below. Happy Holidays!

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