A new amazon facility is being built in Waco.

According to a report from KXXV, an amazon facility will be built in Waco, and permits for construction have already been submitted.

Early in the summer, speculation for a large area of land began thanks to reports from the Waco Trib. The land in question is located at 2000 Exchange Pkwy, and covers about 93 acres.

The new facility is rumored to be over 700,000 square feet, which is around the same size as the Richland Mall. The Amazon facility's size also easily beats the Coca-Cola's plant size of 660,000 square feet.

With a fulfillment center that large, Amazon will need plenty of workers, which means more jobs for Central Texans! Plus word on the street is that Governor Greg Abbott will be making an appearance in Waco on Friday to officially announce the opening of the new Amazon facility.

Back in July, Amazon Announced that a new 820,000 square foot fulfillment center would be built in Pflugerville and scheduled to open in 2021. It's expected to bring 1,000 full-time jobs to Central Texas, which is quickly becoming an Amazon hub.

Personally, I'm shocked and excited. More jobs means more traffic, but does it also mean that my orders will get delivered sooner?

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