A new scam is taking over!

Scam, after scam, after scam. It seems like the scammers are seriously taking over, and they're getting creative.

According to KWTX, a text messaging scam has hackers sending direct messages with the recipient's real name and a potentially dangerous link. The text reads, "We found a parcel from March owed to you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery here."

If the recipient clicks on the link, hackers can then do more than collect the recipient's information.

Do not become the next victim. If you receive a suspicious text message, delete the message and do not click the link. If you are expecting a package directly, contact the courier.

These scams seem to get more sneaky and complex over time, but don't let someone intimidate or fool you. The Federal Trade Commission's website has a list of common scams and how to spot them, and you can also use their site to report scams.

By the way, if you haven't registered your phone number with the National Do Not Call List, you should. It won't stop all scammers, but it can drastically reduce how many robocalls and other annoyances blow up your phone.

Our phones have basically become an extension of ourselves, so scammers know it's a vital tool in pulling off their illegal activities. If something seems suspicious, off, or too good to be true, it probably is. Be smart, and don't click random links anyone sends you.

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