Tragedy struck early Thursday morning when a baby was found by workers who were tasked with cleaning portable bathrooms at a Houston park.

According to a report from KXAN, the body of a deceased newborn was discovered in a porta potty at Magnolia Gardens Park in the 18000 block of Riverside Drive near Highway 90 in Houston. The newborn appeared to be a full-term, Hispanic male with his umbilical cord still attached.

“When they came to empty it… they found the baby. A full-term baby in the Portacan, with the umbilical cord still attached,” said Major Susan Cotter of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in a press briefing on Thursday.

The BJ Portacan Company was sent to service the portable toilets that Thursday and  informed investigators that they last cleaned the portable bathrooms at Magnolia Gardens Park on Monday at approximately 9:30 AM. Local law enforcement is working on a timeline to find out when the baby was abandoned. The baby's body will undergo an autopsy in an effort to provide details of the baby's death.

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The case is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit. If anyone has any information regarding the incident, or the identity of the infant’s mother, they are asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit at 713.274.9100, or call Crime Stoppers at 713.222.TIPS(8477).

Texas' current Baby Moses law allows babies 60 days old or younger to be surrendered at a safe space like a hospital, fire department, or police department. Efforts to allow new parents the ability to surrender an infant one year of age or younger were proposed in the latest legislative session, but were not approved.

With abortion laws being tightened in Texas, this tragedy may be far from the worst that is to come.

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