While everyone from White Castle to Rosetta Stone has been chiming in on the Meek Mill and Drake beef, one person who has been noticeably silent is Nicki Minaj. The Young Money artist is no stranger to hip-hop drama as she's been involved in her own war of words with Lil' Kim over the years. After releasing vitriolic songs like "Stupid Hoe," it comes as a surprise that Nicki hasn't made a peep when it comes to Drake and Meek, but perhaps it's for good reason.

Things were all good just a few months ago. Nicki and Meek were flooding their respective timelines with photos and tweets showcasing various displays of affection. Omeeka was born and fans were rooting for them. Meanwhile, Nicki's BFF Drake, also a pal of Meek's then (he even named Drizzy as one of his top three artists at one time) was focused on himself, putting together tours and preparing for his OVO Fest. But somewhere along the line, the tape popped when Meek sent that infamous tweet claiming the "6 God" didn't write his own raps and things went awry, leaving Meek and Drake at odds and Nicki smack dab in the middle.

Although boys will be boys and Nicki has proven she can compete with the best of them, putting herself in between Toronto's very own and the Philly native is an awkward position to be in. As the reigning queen of hip-hop, she has her own worries when it comes to defending her throne, let alone being the woman to come rescue her man against her "brother" (she's referred to Drake as such countless times) or vice versa. Nevertheless, it must be hard for the Queens, N.Y.-bred MC because essentially, she’s torn between two very important men in her professional and personal life.

Prior to Meek discovering Drake's alleged secret weapon, Quentin Miller, the reported ghostwriter behind several tracks on If You're Reading This It's Too Late, the rappers were friendly (at least to the public eye) and recently collaborated on the Dreams Worth More Than Money song “R.I.C.O.” But when Meek embarked on a campaign to defame Drizzy’s accredited penmanship on July 22 ("He don’t write his own raps”) things took a turn for the wore. The shocking revelation sent the rap community into debate over the old school cardinal rule that rappers write their own content.

Furthermore, the claims divided fans. #TeamMeekMill were in support of the Maybach Music Group artist for taking a stand on authenticity. Meanwhile, #TeamDrake didn't bat so much as an eyelash over the "assistance" the Grammy Award-winning rhymer was getting -- their OVO leader can do no wrong. As for #TeamNickiMinaj, better known as the Barbs, they follow her lead and as it stands, they might as will be rooting for Meek since he's her man despite the majority feeling that Drake is the clear winner in this hip-hop beef. With the family bond broken -- Nicki being the link to keep things together it seemed -- and respect out of the window, the tension weighs silently on Nicki, who shares a deep bond with both rappers.

There was once harmony in Queen Minajesty's castle. Let’s take it back before the drama and prior to Omeeka. Nicki and Drake (whom Birdman recently confirmed that the two Young Money artists “aren’t going anywhere” despite his issues with Lil Wayne) have appeared on numerous tracks together, from hits like "Moment 4 Life" to “Truffle Butter” and earlier works “Make Me Proud” and “Up All Night.” And that's just to name a few. Obviously from the sounds of those songs, their chemistry in the studio is undeniable.

While their working relationship has been pretty smooth up until this point, they've always been rumored to have a sexual past. Nicki vehemently denies the talk on the Drake-assisted "Only": "Yo! I never f---ed Wayne, I never f---ed Drake / On my life man, f---'s sake." But whenever she's shot down the rumors that she's been intimate with her "brother," there he goes professing his love for her on record. “I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'd admit it / I hope one day we get married just to say we f---in' did it / And girl I'm f---in' serious I'm with it if you with it,” he rhymes on “Miss Me.”

Despite fans speculating that they've slept together, their relationship never blossomed to more than a brotherly and sisterly bond. But their closeness could have had an effect on Meek. Remember the sexy lap dance Nicki gave Drake in her “Anaconda” video last year? At the time, she was dating Safaree, but clearly she called the shots as to how close she could get with the opposite sex when it came to work. Although Nicki and Meek were not together back then, at the start of his beef with Drizzy, he told his fans on Twitter that if Nicki was his girl during that time, the "Back to Back" rhymer would have never had the honor of enjoying that lap dance.

For the most part, we are all privy to the dramatic love triangle. Think Chris Brown, Rihanna and Karrueche. But the dynamics between Nicki, Meek and Drake are more like  a family-love triangle in this case. Nicki is the innocent bystander here, but away from social media and behind closed doors, we can't help but wonder what her thoughts are on this whole mess. Is she supporting Meek's moves, taking a neutral stand or patting Drizzy on the back? She's clearly caught in the middle, which is nothing new at the moment considering her good friend and mentor Lil Wayne and boss Birdman are at odds too. There goes that awkward position yet again.

For the past few days, Drake has managed to assassinate the “All Eyes on You” rhymer’s character on record. But the most recent ass whooping came on Monday (Aug. 3) during his closing set at his annual OVO Fest in Toronto. Drizzy opened up the performance with his "Back to Back" diss and continued to destroy Meek with a backdrop of hilarious memes, some of which added Nicki into the conversation. In one image, Meek and Nicki's faces were superimposed on a bride (Meek) and groom (Nicki). The meme took one of the more outrageous lines from Drake's diss track: "Shout out to all the boss bitches wifin' n----s." The lyrics of "Back to Back" also threw subtle jabs at their status as a couple. “You love her, then you gotta give the world to her / Is that a world tour or your girl's tour? / I know that you gotta be a thug for her / This ain't what she meant when she told you to open up more,” Drake rhymes.

Nicki has kept quiet when clearly her "brother" has thrown some shots her way. She's held her head high, focused on work and her fans, all while putting on killer shows for The Pinkprint tour. But will she continue to be the lady in this case and steer clear of the beef between these two men? Or will she stand tall and fire back on record since she's also being brought into the fold? If she does get involved and publicly side with Meek, it could mean the end of a friendship between herself and Drake.

Based on the online consensus after hearing Meek’s diss track, “Wanna Know,” it's clear he needs to hit the booth again and come back with something more “Ether”-worthy aimed at Drake, especially if he wants to redeem himself and continue to have a lucrative rap career. Nicki obviously isn't helping him when it comes to writing his rhymes, but with her track record for firing off on the mic, we're sure she's itching to let some lyrical ammunition loose. After all, she loves beef stew.

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