Remember yesterday (August 4), when the world was shocked/amused/impressed by photos of Lenny Kravitz rocking out so hard that he split his pants and accidentally revealed his package? We saw it, you saw it, an unsuspecting crowd in a Stockholm amusement park saw it. You know who else took a peek? Steven Tyler.


Kravitz has yet to offer a formal statement on the mishap — or even a simple "you're welcome" to appreciative lookie loos — and he probably never will. It's rock n' roll, baby, anything can happen! But the Strut artist did show that he's got a sense of humor about the full-frontal reveal (which, if you review this NSFW Vine, was actually VERY brief) when he shared a text from the Aerosmith frontman and former American Idol judge.

" underwear and pierced...f---ck me...You never showed me that sh---t," Tyler wrote. Either Tyler's kidding, or members of the Order of Rocker Dudes Over Fifty Who Proudly Wear Leather Pants are obliged to show each other their junk. It's a sweet way to make Kravitz feel better about his current trending topic status.

Presumably hoping to get in front of this thing, Kravitz jokingly dubbed the incident '#penisgate' as he tweeted the screencap. The phrase is taking off on Twitter, but will we ever stop adding "gate" to scandal nicknames? Watergate is shorthand for a presidential scandal that happened over thirty years ago, but it's also just a hotel in Washington D.C., even if the scandal's initiating event occured there. It's akin to calling it #penisGardenInn. Step it up, people!

In other celebrity dong news, Kevin Bacon recently endorsed an uptick in male full-frontal nudity in film in a parody for Mashable called "Free the Bacon." If Kravitz returns to acting, we can only hope he'll fight the good fight. Watch that video here.

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