As if dealing with "fake news" about COVID-19 wasn't enough, now we have "fake sports news" we have to debunk.

Controversial former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick began trending on social media Thursday after a twitter account called "@SuperToughScene" (using ESPN's "Sportscenter" logo) reported that the former 49ers QB, who hasn't been signed by an NFL since his "take a knee" protests fired up a national debate which reached the levels of the White House, tweeted that he had signed with the New York Jets for a "1 year deal worth $9 million".

Fake Kap Tweet

Before anyone could question of the authenticity of the report, social media ran with it and began sharing it, and a few "news organizations" also posted the story.

Turns out this story is untrue, and many of those "news organizations" were forced to pull the story down and issue retractions and apologies. More than likely, since many of us are working from home, its tough to call and "verify" sources with lots of folks being out of the office, so people are just passing information along to one another as best as they can.

Just another example of how quickly misinformation spreads these days, so be careful and VERIFY.

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