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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go, especially because I have some of the most overly motivated, overly decorating, overly caffeinated friends in the state.

Seriously, do you have your Christmas tree up yet? If you are from Texas that's probably gonna be a resounding YES!

Because it's ONLY December 2nd and almost everyone I know is DONE decorating for the holiday season.

And if you're one of "those" who have also finished their Christmas shopping before the first day of December, I say...

young girl screams because of bad christmas stress

Not that I got that out of my system...

Texas Tree Trimmings include Bandanas!

My one blaring I AM A TEXAN season is Christmas. I've got tons of Texas-themed ornaments, rope and bandana trimmings, even my Christmas angel wears a cowgirl hat. But I know there are Texans out there that just go NUTS.

Bad kitties!

That being said, this year you won't see any of it at my house because last year we rescued two kittens and within minutes after putting our Christmas tree up they got themselves completely tangled in the lights and we had to cut them out of the lights to save their tiny little kitten lives.

Still, YOU can DIY the  Ultimate Awe Inspiring Texas Christmas Tree by starting with these Texas ornaments!

Truly Texas Christmas Ornaments

Oh but wait, there are more... so many more.

Here is one of my favorite Youtube videos of how to make your tree " rustic" thanks to Decorators Warehouse. Then you can just add more Texas themed ornaments!

Here are even more Texas ornaments! 

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