Earlier this week, Offset pulled up with yet another solid verse, this one for "No Drama," a single from Tinashe's forthcoming Joyride album. Now, he's also popped up in the visual for the energetic new track.

The video finds Tinashe dancing in a room filled with dancers, a group that feels more like a celeb's super-stylish entourage than anything else. Tinashe's verses are dripping with confidence, as she sings about remaining on top no matter what.

"Said I'm fallin' off, but they won't JFK me/Tried to be myself, but they won't AKA me (me)/AKA a popstar AKA a problem (bow, bow)/AKA don't hold me back, I swear I got 'em," she sings in her opening verse.

For his part, Offset posts up in a room by himself for most of the video, flaunting a flossy watch and as he mouths the words to his tight verse.

"Double R Phantoms (phantom)/She like the way I'm drippin' organic (true, true)/Yacht on my wrist, the Titanic (yeah, raahh)/Come ride on this shit like a banshee (raahh)/Get high on the perky and xanny (high)/From Dubai on a jet to Miami (Dubai)/When the chopper start kickin' is damage (brr, brr)/Got Patek on her wrist, in her panties (Patek, hey)," Spits Offset, who recently gave his own group Migos props for their role in bringing together Cardi B and Nicki Minaj for "MotorSport."

Eventually, Tinashe joins Offset in the room as the two of them dance to the rhythm of their new collab.

Watch the Tinashe and Offset's new video for "No Drama" below.

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