Offset has had a monumental year and he's far from slowing down. Now the Migos rapper has plans to possibly create new music with his wife, Cardi B .

In a recent interview with The New York Times (Nov. 29), the rhymer counted some of his blessings, including welcoming his daughter Kulture with Cardi and preparing to drop his solo album on Dec. 14.

Throughout the feature, Offset explains how his relationship with Cardi B has changed him for the better, as well as inspiring him to open up more in the future.

"I’m going to start opening up more," Offset explained, before diving into his upbringing and talking about how he hasn’t seen his father since he was five.

“I’d seen her potential, her vision, her grind. Whatever she does, she’s going to master it,” Offset shared, talking about how Bardi has influenced him. “She’s like me. She brings excitement and pressure to me, but I like that. She’s No. 1, so every time I’m hitting the charts, I’ve got to be Top 10.”

In addition to reflecting on the drive to succeed in music, he also pointed out one perk of being married to a talented rapper: joining forces creatively. Offset hints that there could be a new joint album down the line.

“We haven't even dropped an album yet,” he pointed out. “That's a whole other realm." Yet is the key word.

While the power couple hasn’t revealed any additional details about whether or not they are planning a larger, cohesive collaboration in the future, the possibility certainly has fans excited. In the meantime, the pair are planning a high-stakes rap battle where the loser has to pay for this year's Christmas decorations. Relationship goals much?

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