Ever noticed someone creeping a little too close while you are using an ATM machine? Some people are just in a hurry and stand right behind you in line. Not one to risk getting "jugged" at an ATM, I stopped using outdoor ATM machines a while back in favor of going inside to a teller.

Most people know to take a look over their should when using an ATM or whenever they are accessing funds in public. KHOU.com is reminding Texans this is more important than ever after an increase in reports of "jugging" happening around the state.

"Jugging" is the term used for thieves who jump you the moment you walk away from an ATM machine and snatch cash right out of your hands. It's not just customers either. Reports of robbers who follow individuals leaving banks who happen to be carrying cash envelopes or money bags are also being targeted. In Houston, banks along the Sam Houston Tollway have reported several accounts of "jugging" in recent weeks.

Reports of organized gangs attacking workers who re-fill ATMs and drivers who haul prescription drugs are also on the rise.

Organized gangs now also attack workers refilling ATMs and drivers hauling prescription drugs. Drivers and technicians report being followed by suspicious vehicles just before the incidents have taken place.

Police advise all Texans to stay aware of their surroundings when leaving a bank or ATM machine and keep any cash envelopes or money bags out of sight. They also advise keeping an eye out for cars, trucks, or SUV's who have backed into parking spaces and are sitting there with the engine running. Many "juggers" sit inside these vehicles behind tinted windows and many of their vehicles do not display front plates.

Police are asking for the public's help in keeping an eye out as many departments around the state are outnumbered by thieves and need as many people keeping an eye out as possible.

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