According to Pras, a Fugees reunion is never going to happen. He said that too much has happened between Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and himself for things to be all kumbaya between the trio again, even though he's eternally grateful for Jean and Hill and the music they created together.

“It would be like going back into a rabbit hole," he said on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning (see below). "You ever watch a movie like, this was a lot. It's too much. I'm a very, very pragmatic individual. Me understanding what was happening at that time, I understood I had to get out of the hood, so I had to deal with the situation. It was the most dysfunctional energy. That shit's not good for your emotional state."

"I remember two or three years ago, a tour agency came up to me and said I got $90 million for you guys to go on the road for 15 months. I'm vibing here and there with everyone, checking the vibe out. So, I reached out to both of them like, 'What ya'll wanna do?'"

Pras says even with that amount of money on the table, neither 'Clef or Hill seemed interested. "So I said, 'Alright. You guys will never hear from me again pertaining to the Fugees.'"

He later admits that he's speaking from a place of luxury. He says none of them are hurting for cash, which is partly why no one is super-inclined to revisit the group.

In another part of the interview, he debunked any rumors that Hill didn't write all of her lyrics on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which began floating around again after Robert Glasper's interview on a Houston radio show, where he criticized her for not giving proper credit to the musicians who worked on the landmark album. Pras said he was there during much of the recording for the 1998 album, and there's no disputing that Hill wrote everything.

"I can tell you 1,000 percent she wrote every single lyric on the album. Now production is a different separate matter, but as far as her lyrics, her melody...she did everything."

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