When President Obama isn't making monumental speeches about foreign policy, he's probably either shooting some hoops outside the White House or listening to his favorite tunes. Apparently, the Commander in Chief admitted to doing the latter earlier this week during a Twitter-based Q&A session when he revealed OutKast's "Liberation" was one of his favorite songs at the moment.

"Was listening to outkast/liberation and the black keys/lonely boy ths morning," answered Obama regarding his favorite song of the moment. The classic Aquemini track featured Cee-Lo Green and spawned positive responses from fans on Twitter.

Along with OutKast's "Liberation" tune, Obama also cited Black Keys' 2011 song "Lonely Boy" as another track that he was listening to that morning.

It's dope to see that Obama still has love for the culture. Asides from dissing Kanye West for his MTV Awards debacle, he has performed with The Roots on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and having artists like Beyonce and Alicia Keys perform at his Inauguration and Inauguration Ball, respectively.

Talk about keeping it trill. This just further solidifies his 'Thug Life' demeanor. Check out the President's tweet below and make sure you follow him on Twitter for more dope tweets on his behalf.

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