One's mind might go straight to criminal cases when thinking of potential racial bias in the legal system, but studies show that racial bias affects personal injury cases from medical treatment to courtroom proceedings and final settlement amounts.

The “Journal of Empirical Legal Studies” published a study that found African American and Hispanic plaintiffs received much smaller financial compensation in personal injury cases than their white counterparts. The study attributed to implicit (or unconscious) bias, which could include assumptions about pain tolerance, plaintiff credibility, and future earnings loss.

It's an issue The Carlson Law Firm has discussed openly, stating its attorneys fight aggressively every day to ensure people of color receive the same outcomes as other clients.

They understand that implicit bias can affect how insurance adjusters, judges, and jurors view the circumstances of the accident and the severity of the injuries, as well as how medical personnel treat and document the injuries and how people of color access attorneys and the legal system.

With a strong history of representing plaintiffs from all backgrounds, The Carlson Law Firm offers the following tips for people of color searching for culturally competent representation:

1) Does the law firm's staff reflect diversity? Diversity in hiring, from paralegals and attorneys to marketing and support staff, suggests a company culture of awareness and inclusiveness.

2) Who do people and organizations you trust recommend?

3) What values do they showcase the most? Look at their work with diverse groups, social justice organizations, and participation in community events that celebrate diverse backgrounds or causes.

4) Is their marketing and outreach inclusive? Look at the images and content they choose for brochures, websites, social media posts, and advertising campaigns.

Rest assured, the leaders at The Carlson Law Firm are proud to embrace diversity and cultural competency throughout their practice. They work hard for clients of all backgrounds and are skilled at fighting unfair medical opinions or poor medical records. For a free consultation, visit or call 254-526-5688.