B-Ford and Nate Allure are natives of New Jersey, but they've made Killeen their home and base of operations.

The two dropped by the B106 studio Tuesday to talk about their sound and what they're doing to get it heard.

To hear them tell it, Nate and B-Ford act as a sort of ying and yang situation - one complimenting the other with different takes that mesh together well.

When B-Ford heard Nate for the first time, he knew he had to work with him. Nate, meanwhile, was primarily inspired by his dad, who's a fan of old-school 80's rap.

Now that the team's together, they're working to put the Killeen music scene on the map while working in Austin and Houston as well.

Hear them tell it in their own words in the video below shot live in the B016 studio.

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