You're welcome to shower Rihanna with your money and adoration -- she'd just rather you do it from a healthy distance. At least that's what this new video seems to prove.

In the clip above, RiRi's shown exiting restaurants and clothing stores and telling throngs of admirers to "back the f--- up."

And video elsewhere depicts her arriving back at her NYC hotel after having dinner with on-again BFF Katy Perry (and Katy's on-again boyfriend John Mayer), and when one fan gets a little too close, the singer appears to wordlessly give her a little shove.

In fairness, it would freak us out a bit to have crowds of screaming strangers following us wherever we went, and all those paparazzi camera flashes have got to be unnerving. But since Rihanna's recently come under fire for late starts at her concerts that have sometimes kept fans waiting for hours, it might behoove her to at least occasionally stop to sign an autograph or two.

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