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Recently I had some type of reaction to a medicine I was taking and my fingers all swollen up like elongated Vienna sausages.

They had gotten so swollen that I started to fear about my ring finger and the tightness of my wedding ring.  The scary part was that my wedding ring is made of tungsten.  Not sure if you've had much to do with this "super metal" but, from what I read this stuff is really tough to cut.  And to complicate matters, it's on my finger!  It's not like a doctor could just grab a pair of snips and lop this thing off.  And sawing the ring off would be complicated further by the fact that, IT'S ON MY FINGER.

I really started to worry as I watched my finger beginning to change color due to the loss of blood flow.  And it was happening pretty quickly.  I grabbed a bottle of dish washing soap, lathered up, and pulled with all my might.  No luck.  Used nearly a whole tub of
Vaseline with the same results.  My knuckle was now bleeding.  It was sore.  And this situation was getting worse.  I'm really beginning to picture the rest of my life with only nine digits.

Then, my Dad called.  And he hit me with a video that could very well be the coolest thing I've seen that doesn't involve a big old buck or a ten pound bass.

Should you ever find yourself in the same predicament, commit this little life hack to memory and you'll always know just how to get that ring off your finger with very little effort and absolutely zero pain. Oh and one other hack for you. Those rubber wedding rings are now the only way to go!

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