The response was almost overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of shares on Facebook and folks tagging friends and family.

I think it's safe to say many people are hyped about the 7 Seas Aquarium and what it could mean to the Temple community.

Central Texans had a lot of questions, with many wondering what to expect and why the Temple Mall was chosen as the location.

I had a chance to meet with a few of the people involved in the development of this project Tuesday afternoon, and I'll bringing you even more information later this week. We met at Peggy's Coffee House, and owner Robert Brandenberg was kind enough to stick around after for some coffee and chat.

Rob also owns Candy & More, Under My Skin Body Piercing and Merch, and Big Top Pretzel. For many, he's become a sort of unofficial face of the Temple Mall, and chances are you've run into him at the Bell County Comic Con and Silo of Screams (usually in zombie makeup).

During our chat, we talked about the changing nature of what people are looking for when they visit local shopping centers and malls, especially with so much retail traffic moving online in recent years.

Something we both agree on is that there are fantastic opportunities at places like the Temple Mall to enjoy family experiences that bring the community together, and that's something the folks behind 7 Seas Aquarium hope to help provide.

Check out our conversation in the video above, and stay tuned for more video and information about the aquarium and what it will have to offer people of all ages when it opens its doors in January.

(Note: I want to thank the staff of FX Game Exchange in the Temple Mall. I had an issue with my camera's memory card and they were kind enough to lend me one for this video.)

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